We will develop the features you need for Beonex Communicator or the Mozilla family in general. If you have a special need due to your business or organization, we can adapt Mozilla to make it fit. We can also help you develop tools for company-wide deployment of Mozilla, like adjusting default settings, migration and removal of unneeded features from the user interface.

If you want to use Mozilla in your own products, e.g. adding a browser, basing your application on a browser or building your whole application using XUL, we can assist you or develop whole parts ourselves for you.

We consider consulting, i.e. giving you advise about how to best achieve your goals with Mozilla, as an integral part of all these processes.

Because you will recieve the full source code to both Beonex Communicatior/Mozilla and the special features we develop for you. If you agree, any generally useful results will also be given back to the mozilla.org source code pool and integrated into the main Beonex Communicator.

Please contact us with details of what you want to achieve, if you are interested in custom development services.